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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Would You Like To Know

​How Do I Place An Order?​

You Can Order All Of Our Mattresses From This Website Safely Using Card Or Click Other For Cash On Delivery. Due To So Many Styles, Patterns, Colours, Sizes etc The Easiest & Best Way To Order Full Complete Bed Sets Is To Direct Message Us Via Whatsapp Or Any Of Our Social Links Below. 

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Ordering Through This Website Will Allow You To Pay Safely Using Your Card Or We Also Offer A Cash On Delivery Method.

Ordering Through Us Via Any Other Method Such As Call Or Text And A Delivery Time Will Be Arranged With Either Cash On Delivery Or Bank Transfer Whichever Suits You.

Returns & Refunds

We Are Confident With Our Products Enough To Not Worry About Returns But If It Does Come To That Then Please Give Us A Call And If There Is A Manufacturing Problem We Can Try Our Best To Sort It Out For You As Fast And Easy As Possible. 



Within 20mile from Sunderland

All Beds Are Delivered To You Using Our Own Vans & Drivers With All Beds Wrapped In A Robust Plastic Protection And Depending On 

Size Consist Of One / Two Base's, A Mattress And Headboard.


Will Incur a £20+ Delivery Charge. We Cannot Add This To Your Cart Total So Any Sale Not Willing To Accept This Will Be Refunded.

Please Ring First To Confirm Delivery Distance And Time.

Due To The Very High Demand Of Our Mattresses Our Next Day Delivery Can't Always Be Fulfilled, Please Accept Our Apologies For Any Delay That May Occur.

What Size Do I Need

The Size Of Your Bed Depends Entirely On The Size You Can Manage To Fit.

Bigger Is Better, So If You Can Squeeze The Extra Bed Then Do It. Our Beds Come In All Sizes: Small Single 2'6, Three Foot Single 3'0,

Four Foot Small Double 4'0, Four Foot Six Double 4'6, Five Foot King size 5'0, Six Foot Super king 6'0, As Well As Any Custom Size You Need In Increments Of 3 inches.

Standard Length 6'3

Single Beds Length Is 6'3 (Six Foot Three), Double Bed Length The Same 6'3. Then Once You Up The Size To King size 5'0 and Super king 6'0 The Length Of The Bed Increases To 6'6. 

What Is Memory Foam

First Designed For NASA Airplane Seats, Memory Foam Is Made From a Substance Called Viscoelastic. It Is Both Highly Energy Absorbent & Soft.

Memory Foam Molds To The Body In Response To Heat And Pressure, Evenly Distributing Body Weight. It Then Returns To Its Original Shape Once You Remove The Pressure.

When You Lie On The Memory Foam, The Heat From Your Body Softens It In Appropriate Points, Memory foam manufacturers claim this helps relieve pain and thereby promotes more restful sleep. And, though consumers often believe that very firm mattresses are best, more "giving" mattresses like these may lead to better sleep in people with back pain, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Spring Type

Other Than Memory Foam Alone, Sprung Mattresses Have Been Made For Years,Tried And Tested.

The Three Main Spring Units Of Our Beds Are Your Basic 13.5gauge Wire Open Coil Spring, This Spring Gives A Huge Amount Of Support Without Being Too Firm, Along With Luxurious Fillings Like Fibres, Wool, Cashmere Our Spring Mattresses Are Your Best Choice For The Smallest Price.

The Next Spring Type We Offer Is an Orthopaedic 12.5g Wire Open Coil Unit Which As With The Others Give You a Fantastic Night Sleep But With A Firmer Spring And Much More Supported Feel.

The Third Type Is The Famous Pocket Spring, Being The Best Type Of Spring You Can Get, Pocket Springs Are Individually Wrapped Spring That Work On Their Own So Wherever Your Body Needs Support They Are There. It Also Means You Will Not Be Disturbed From Any Movements When In Bed With A Partner Allowing You To Get A Better Nights Sleep. We Highly Recommend Pocket Springs To All Our Customers And With All Our Spring Types You Can Also Combine Both The Spring With Memory Foam For That Extremely Good Night Sleep.

Thank you for shopping with us!
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